Wednesday 16 August 2017

Egypt’s nuclear dream ‘about to come true’

When the final contracts for the El Dabaa nuclear power plant are signed this year, Egypt is edging ever closer to fulfilling its nuclear ambition being nurtured for more than half a century now, says a study. Over the intervening six decades, Egypt has come a long way and, after


Coal share in Mena power mix will remain limited

Regional governments are looking at coal to diversify the energy mix and enhance energy security, but despite the several reasons, coal is likely to only play a marginal role in the future of the region’s power sector, a report said. Coal continues to be the dominant fuel i


Low oil hitting working capital in Middle East

Overall working capital performance in the Middle East has decreased by nine days in 2016 bringing the total decline to 14 days since 2014 with lower oil prices being cited as one of the main reasons for the decline, a report said. The squeeze in working capital was initially fel


Unprotected devices in ICS networks 'pose major threat'

US-based SANS Institute’s annual survey of industrial control systems (ICS) has revealed that the introduction of unprotected devices into sensitive ICS networks and ransomware are now among the top threats that organisations face in securing critical infrastructure. SANS I


60pc of fresh graduates in Mena 'want to work in UAE'

The UAE is perceived as the most attractive country by fresh graduates from the Mena region to work, according to a new study. Nearly six in 10 respondents (58 per cent) said they would relocate to the UAE for job opportunities. Young job seekers and recent graduates continue to


Telecoms: Building blocks for digital transformation

As the digital revolution unfolds, one industry in particular plays a pivotal role. Telecom companies provide the fundamental building blocks—access, interconnectivity and applications—enabling this digital revolution to take place,a report said. Creating a solid, sou


Vehicle-cloud data set to expand 10,000 times

It is estimated that the data volume between vehicles and the cloud will reach 10 exabytes per month around 2025, approximately 10,000 times larger than the present volume, said Japanese automaker Toyota Motors. This expected increase will trigger the need for new architectures o


Singer Amr Diab named top Arab celebrity

Egyptian singer Amr Diab tops the first Forbes Middle East list of 100 Arab celebrities from the Middle East, with over 30.6 million followers across his social media platforms. The list, published in the latest edition of Forbes Middle East reveals the region’s favourite p


Pilotless planes can save the industry $35bn a year - report

The aviation industry can save $35 billion per year if it moves towards pilotless planes, a new report has revealed. According to a UBS analysis of the aerospace, airlines and logistics sectors, reducing the intervention of human pilots on aircraft could bring material economic b


Public realm gives a city its identity

Roadways, sidewalks, and parks are the lungs and arteries of modern urban cities. More than just access, they give communities a sense of place, and can very well define their social and financial success, says an expert. Today’s landscape architects are keenly aware of the

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